RFID makes it possible to give each item its own unique identifying number, similar to the license plate on a car but for anything such as assets, people, work in process and medical devices. This is the Internet of Things.


  • WERTECH with its past experiences has come a long way in establishing itself as one of the leading provider of barcode and RFID Solutions. Supplier of data capture by Barcode and RFID. We work hard to earn a reputation for being dedicated, reliable, and customer-oriented company.
  • WERTECH is a Solutions Provider, supplying all to our customers with unrivalled experience and a unique ability to implement the latest leading edge technologies into your business in a streamlined and structured manner.
  • WERTECH is a solutions and product supplier in enterprise mobility systems in warehouse inventory management solutions, asset tracking, file and document tracking and Check In and Check Out Tracking Solutions
  • WERTECH focus has been to provide the customer with a total solution, based on a set of well known brand hardware products.
  • WERTECH work hard to understand your requirements and tailor our solutions and data capture to meet your exact demands. We are dedicated in providing total business solutions to meet the demands and challenges of today's competitive market place.
  • ZEBRA, IMPINJ, HONEYWELL, DATALOGICS Hardware manufacturers contracted to WERTECH sas remain the best in the business and customer confidence in their range can be seen in the manufacturers continual investment in new and innovative barcode data capture products and services.
  • Online purchasing will remain secure at all times and be backed up by telephone assistance providing sales advice to help customers make the right decisions. Telephone and email enquiry services will always be available to customers who prefer to use them. Tel: +39 01119771470 or email: