RFID makes it possible to give each item its own unique identifying number, similar to the license plate on a car but for anything such as assets, people, work in process and medical devices. This is the Internet of Things.


Monitors your WIP throughout your premises using fixed reader portals, fork lift readers and hand held readers to deliver real time WIP tracking. Monitors WIP by serialized unit number without any extra labor. WERTECH offers a wide range of services, solutions and technologies that enable companies to take full advantage of the on demand era .


RFID tags are now placed on pallets in the stretch wrap machine. In the outbound loading area, each fork lift is equipped with an RFID reader and computer screen which advises the operator whether pallets from a particular order are included on the accompanying bill of lading. This level of automation reduces errors and accelerates response times to changes in product demand.


RFID hardware and tags has led to a leap in capability provides many opportunities to reduce costs, raise revenue and boost customer satisfaction in the retail sector . The following retail applications can provide significant ROI using RFID and RTLS: Cycle counting ; Inventory Managment; Brand authentication; Shrinkage – theft and return fraud .


Ultra sonic cleaning Instruments can be verified that they were processed in a cleaner for the full recommended cycle time . Automatic wash sterilizer; Autoclaving; RFID can verify that the autoclave chamber is not overloaded and, therefore, avoid pockets that do not permit steam penetration. Cold Sterilization; Ensures the correct dwell time has been achived for the instrument to be disinfected.