Today’s factories are a combination between Mechanical parts with electronics and software which distinct them from technology used in the past decade years:

  • Digital technologies and software allow you to plan and monitor production from anywhere in the world for increasing quality, timing and punctuality of delivery in the global market competitivity.
  • The goal of Manufacturer is always to serve the end user in the best possible way and at the lowest possible cost.

The combination of our applications with the modern technologies:

  • Handheld  terminals,
  • Fixed systems for data collection, 
  • Mobil computers 
  • RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification)

Contribute to increasing productivity and constant functionality of production lines by improving production process from the reception of raw materials to the shipment of the finished product.

Our job consists in providing consultancy and project following the customer in the transformation. We propose solutions that can be integrated with existing ones without stopping production.

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