Barcode Scanner
Industrial Scanner
Model: 3480-Quantum
HONEYWELL 3480-Quantum Industrial Scanner
PID: MK3580-31C41
Description: RS232 KIT: BLACK SCANNER (MS3580-41), STANDARD SQUARE WEIGHTED BASE (70-74588), 2.9M (9.5 ) STRAIGHT RS232 CABLE (59-59000-3), EU POWER SUPPLY (46-00526) AND DOCUMENTATION
Price: 219.32 €
HONEYWELL 3480-Quantum Industrial Scanner
PID: MK3480-30C41
Description: RS232/LIGHT PEN KIT: BLACK SCANNER (34801-41), 2.9 M (9.5 ) STRAIGHT POWERLINK CABLE (59-59000-3), EU PS (46-00526), DOCUMENTATION
Price: 214.00 €

The IS3480 is a compact, omnidirectional and single-line laser barcode scanner. The omnidirectional scan pattern offers outstanding scan performance on all standard 1D barcode symbologies, including GS1 DataBar™. The button-activated single-line mode aids in scanning items that contain multiple barcodes or when selecting barcodes from menu-style price sheets. In addition, scan lines can be turned on or off individually, allowing complete customization of the scan pattern.


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