Model: Antenna Hub
IMPINJ Antenna Hub Antenna
PID: IPJ-A6001-000
Description: Speedway Antenna Hub (supports 8 antennas per Antenna Hub)
Price: 255.00 €
IMPINJ Antenna Hub Antenna
PID: IPJ-A6051-000
Description: GPIO Adapter and cable for Speedway Antenna Hub (supports up to four antenna hubs)
Price: 144.00 €
IMPINJ Antenna Hub Antenna
PID: IPJ-A6120-000
Description: Speedway R120 Port Pack
Price: 572.00 €

Impinj’s Speedway® Antenna Hub provides a low-cost opportunity to drive many antennas from a single fixed RAIN RFID reader. Connect up to 32 antennas to a single Speedway R420 reader and up to 8 antennas to a single Speedway R120 reader. The Speedway Antenna Hub makes RAIN RFID monitoring applications requiring many antennas, including large contiguous read zones and smart shelves, cost-effective and easy to deploy.


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