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Standard Label Printing

  • Standard Label Printing – When it comes to asset labels and serialized barcode labels, just tell us what you need to have printed on the labels and we will produce exactly what you need.

  • Plastic Card Printing – We have our card printers all set up with the software necessary to produce top quality plastic (PVC) cards for badging and security or any other card printing specialty.

  • RFID is a relatively new concept for use in supply management but is gaining in its adoption. 

  •  The good news is you do not have to purchase and integrate your own RFID printing and encoding system. 

  • WERTECH will create and keep track of your RFID tag runs and understand the requirements to meet compliance.

  • Your company may require you to take a periodic inventory of your assets and may be considering moving to an automatic data collection solution that employs barcode labels and/or RFID tags.

  • WERTECH  has the experience and expertise to help you get your automated asset management system started by coming to your location and tagging of your assets.

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