Site Survey
  • An onsite site survey is an important step in the WERTECH Solution Design process. By coming to your site, our engineers can design your solution using the best tracking hardware and software for your needs.
  • The results of our site survey play a big role in our Solution Design Specification to ensure your installation goes smoothly. 
The WERTECH site survey is important
  • The WERTECH  site survey ensures that we can successfully meet your identifying, tracking and managing needs.
  • Each jobsite is different and will require a different setup to operate at its peak.
  • A site survey also helps us determine which system – a barcode or RFID system – will work for you!  
  • When you are implementing a brand-new solution, we highly recommend site surveys because a solutions expert can give you recommendations and ensure your solution needs are met.
  • Our WERTECH engineers have the expertise to make sure you are successful. 
RFID site survey
During an RFID site survey, WERTECH technicians will test our equipment in your environment – your site’s pathways, pinch points, and work areas. This will help us install your RFID equipment correctly later to avoid any impacts to how your system works. 
  • The RFID site survey starts with an on-site assessment of each location that you want to optimize. If you haven’t identified the locations yet, our engineer will recommend the best locations to start.
  • While visiting, the engineer will bring RFID test equipment and tags to make sure they are working in your unique environment.
  • The engineer will identify any environmental or physical characteristics that may impact your RFID solution and ways to mitigate them.
  • Our team will also document areas of concern, full test results, and photographs to use in our Solution Design Specification .
  • The engineer will ensure the mounting locations and installation plan will work to make sure your RFID equipment works at its optimum.
  • The engineer will document the critical parameters of each read point using the RFID site survey form and use that data in our Solution Design Specification.
  • After they collect all the information, the team will complete your Solution Design Specification.
Barcode site survey

Barcode site surveys can help companies who want to use barcodes. When setting up your barcode system, there are many considerations: your environment, workflow and how many labels you will need. Our technicians can make suggestions on materials you’ll need, as well as what hardware will work best for your solution. 



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