Mobile Bar Code and RFID Application Builder 

Operating Systems – iOS, Android, and Windows

Key Features – Enterprise Class Bar Code, RFID, NFC and BLE Scanning

Popular Applications – Asset Tracking, Inventory Management, Inspections and Mobile Workforce Automation

  • Connects to Most Databases and Excel.
  • Supports Zebra RFID scanners.
  • Supports most Barcode Scanners and Phones.
  • Supports Tablets and PCs.

Asset Tracking Apps

Mobile Asset Tracking Applications make it easy to speed your asset tracking routines and eliminate errors caused by paper based processes. Whether you are tracking computers, vehicles, furniture, tools or medical equipment, these pre-built mobile apps make it easy to get started. All solutions incorporate barcode enabled data lookups and validation, with some also incorporating RFID technology.

Mobile Attendee Event Tracking and Badge Scanning Applications

Event Attendee tracking and other Barcode enabled tracking systems costs hundreds of dollars to rent and often end up not fitting your needs. With Event Tracking Apps for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile, you can easily capture the visitor data you need and then connect it to your CRM system, Access or just Excel. If you have Zebra or Honeywell Barcode scanners or terminals there is a good chance you can use it and save money  for each tracking event.

Mobile Inventory Management Applications

Mobile Apps for inventory audits, work in process (WIP), inventory issues, inventory receipts, pick lists and more. All of the mobile applications can be synced with your pre-existing databases including SQL, Oracle, Access, FoxPro and even Excel.

Mobile Inspection Applications

Mobile field inspectors:  With powerful mobile data collection features including remote data lookups, built in calculations, image capture, image lookup, barcode and RFID equipment identification, field inspections can be completed faster and error free. You can further streamline the process by eliminating data re-entry often performed by data entry clerks through one of our data syncing tools. Whether your inspection reports are stored in Excel or Oracle, ….

With mobile inspection application  eliminates the need for data re-entry.

Route Accounting and  Direct Store Delivery (DSD)  Applications

Mobile route accounting software was once only an option for the big package delivery companies, but not anymore. With  mobile apps, even ten employee courier services can have the same technology as the big boys. GPS, Barcode Scanning, RFID, Image Capture and Signature Capture ,  Bill of Ladings, Package Tracking and DSD are just some of the mobile applications available.

Collected Proof of Delivery info is easily transmitted via a variety of connection options including WIFI, WAN and Batch database connections. You can also simply send an email including invoices and packing slips with signatures attached.


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