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  • RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology is increasingly used  Logistics Management and Transport.
  • RFID Tags can be affixed to individual objects that need to be handled (such as boxes, pallets, containers, etc.), to individual means of transport (trucks, cars, wagons, etc.), to bus and subway tickets, or to  identification of baggage at the airport.
  • It is possible to keep track of the warehouse situation in real time and speed up logistics management.


  • By affixing an RFID tag to each object, pallet or box, it is possible to store and transfer information from the single article to a RFID reader.
  • The data captured by the reader allow tracing and the possibility of providing information regarding their origin, any processing and movements undergone.
  • The creation of Transport documents and the transmission of data will be significantly speeded up.
  • Thanks to the use of outbound gates, the reading of the tags will be able to provide additional support for the loading and shipping of orders.


  • RFID tags can be used to identify and trace Transportation Vehicles.
  • The vehicle can be identified at the entrance and exit of the site in order to monitoring  and trace procurement operations.
  • RFID can be used to verify that vehicles have actually gone to the loading bay or to the correct filling station.
  • This technology also provides further verification of the correct association between vehicle and trailer, minimizing the risk of errors.
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